We're teaming up to give Aggies FREE tickets to Chilifest 2020!

Use LoftSmart to sign your lease, and we'll reimburse you the cost of a General Admission ticket, a $55 value.

How it works:

As an official sponsor of Chilifest 2020, LoftSmart is giving away FREE general admission tickets to the 2020 event!

Here's how to take advantage of this offer:

  1. Browse our online marketplace to find your next apartment;
  2. Apply on LoftSmart.com, using the referral code CHILIFEST;
  3. Purchase any ticket to Chilifest, either on your own or with your team;
  4. Once you sign your lease, our team will be in touch and you just have to send your receipt and we'll reimburse you for the ticket, up to $55!

Already bought your ticket? You can still qualify for the deal. You just need to sign your lease via LoftSmart and have your proof of purchase before the offer expires.

Offer ends: April 15, 2020

Time: 11:59 PM CST

Questions? Email info@loftsmart.com

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